we offer the best deposit conditions in human food so it can meet the requirements of buyers every days

125 modern trade stands

The commercial complex is made of 125 warehouse spaces, each space measuring 215 sqm. Each commercial space is equipped with 2 offices and bathrooms. The warehouses are equipped with refrigerators and electronic scales and each refrigeration room measures 90.22 sqm and has a capacity of 350 cubic meters. The walls and the roof of the warehouses have been covered with sandwich panels and thermo isolated doors.


The trailer trucks that are bringing products from 21 different countries are taking back to their countries, as they return, many products for export. There are more than 70 international companies in the portfolio of SU MARKET most of them coming from Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands

24h surveillance and security

The entire Complex is monitored 24/7 by a video surveillance system with 63 video cameras. The video surveillance system is maintained by specialized personnel and all the video footage is periodically backed-up so that we can ensure a long term security.

2 floors office building

2 bank branches – Credit Europe bank and Garanti Bank – operate in the administrative building. The Cash flow arising from sales and shopping is ensured through these two banks.

facilities to EU standards

All the outer spaces are brushed and washed with professional machinery at least once a week and disinfection is made regularly. We provide servicea as: waste collection and recycling, management of relations with local public institutions, ensuring continuity of electricity and water supply, management of internal traffic and park services.

Sanitation services

Daily sanitation services are provided by 50 employees that assure garbage disposal thru URBAN SA Company. Cartons are taken by VRANCART after being pressed and made into bales using specialised machine installed in our complex.

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